HERdiet Night Time Sleep diet weightloss Aid
HERdiet Night Time Sleep Aid
HERdiet Night Time Sleep Aid

HERdiet Night Time Sleep Aid

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Wouldn't it be great if you could go to sleep and wake up thin? If this were the case, everyone and their mama would make sure they got their 8 hours of sleep (and maybe even take naps!). But the reality is we still have to eat right and exercise to reach our desired results. The good news is that there is a supplement that can help you burn calories as you're sleeping. HERdiet's Night Time Sleep Aid has key ingredients that can help you burn fat as you're resting.

 Why Is this Important?

Most women have low patience for reaching their weight loss goals. This is why so many go after quick fad diets and eventually give up when they don't pan out. Even if you are diligent with your nutrition and workout regimen – having a supplement that can help you lose weight faster will keep you motivated along your journey.

The average amount of sleep most people get is around 8 hours daily. During this time, your body is barely burning any calories. So inevitably, your body begins storing fat, which makes sleeping counterproductive. With HERdiet's Night Time Sleep Aid, you can counter this issue by promoting calorie burning while getting a good night's rest. This can potentially boost your fat burning potential by over 30 percent.

How Night Time Sleep Aid Works

The ingredients used in this supplement are what makes this product worthwhile. Here' a quick look at the key ingredients and why they were added to the formula:

  • Green tea extract: This is fairly popular among the health and fitness communities because of its many benefits. But if you're not familiar with its properties, then you'll be happy to note that this extract can help mobilize fat from fat cells. It also helps to boost norepinephrine, which is the hormone that signals fat cells to break down.
  • Magnolia bark has been promoted for weight loss because of its ability to lower stress hormones known as cortisol. This is known to directly affect your weight. Cortisol is known to increase in those with high stress and causes fat to form around the abdomen of all places – not attractive!
  • Raspberry Ketones: Your liver plays an important role in your ability to lose weight. Those who eat a poor diet are at higher risk of having a fatty liver. Raspberry ketones helps by aiding your liver in cleansing your system. So not only are you shedding pounds, but you're promoting a healthy liver.

Get Your Sleep Aid Today!

Aside from helping with weight loss, HERdiet's Night Time Sleep Aid can also help with suppressing your appetite, targeting lipid and fat metabolism that accumulate on stubborn problem areas, and increasing your metabolic function, so that you can burn more fat quicker. After a day of healthy eating and physical activity, all you need to do is take one capsule before bed and rest up!

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