HERdiet Relaxation supplement for women
HERdiet Relaxation
HERdiet Relaxation

HERdiet Relaxation

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Long days at the office with an obnoxious boss? A spouse that pushes your buttons and leaves you feeling anxiety? Kids that just get on every last nerve?

HERdiet Relaxation has the perfect solution to help you unwind at the end of the day.  Noooo, it isn't a glass of wine, although it never hurts.  This relaxation aid is formulated to help ease all of these tensions on the mind and get you to a "happy place" again.

Nothing is more aggravating than a tension filled day that continues and makes you react to others harshly and not let you feel like yourself. HERdiet Relaxation taken when anxiety and stress is at its strongest really helps ease the worries of the day and take you away from the normal reactions to stressful situations.


Why Take HERdiet Relaxation Anxiety and Stress aid?

When feeling the stress of the day is overwhelming, take 1 capsule daily to help manage the stress or if having high anxiety women take 2 capsules.  These little pills pack a punch though, so please start lightly. Some women have reported so much relaxation after taking 2 pills that they shouldn't take on any tasks that require high attention and physical work.



What does HERdiet Relaxation contain?

Piper Methysticum: Primarily suited to treating acute stress that settles into the musculature of the body. It is most effective when your mind is overwhelmed and your body is tightly strung from a crazy hectic day and that's what's making you unable to relax.

Sceletium Tortuosum: The net effect of is a feeling of tremendous well-being, heightened awareness, mental alertness and a keen-mindedness that is quite pronounced.

Passiflora: Known to relieve irritation of the nerve centers, and to improve sympathetic innervation, improving the circulation and nutrition of the mind.

Many other ingredients that are designed for hormonal balance and stress support.


A beautiful mind is healthy mind...

Relief from stress is possibly the most sought after natural solution without any type of medical solution.  HERdiet Relaxation is a woman’s solution to resolve the stress problem that we almost all encounter. Get your first bottle today and feel better tomorrow!

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